Math with Mr.D

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If you have a child who is struggling with math, you can turn to Mr. D. His lessons are simple yet engaging and he explains difficult concepts in a way that your child can understand. These lessons are recorded for later use, so your child can review what he’s learned. You can also contact Mr. D directly by e-mail if he’s unavailable during a class.

The teacher in Math with Mr. D speaks very quickly, so students may have to pay close attention and rewatch the entire video several times in order to understand everything. To help them understand the lessons more clearly, you can adjust the speed of the video by using the player’s speed control. You can also change the audio and video if you need to. The videos are interactive, so you can take quizzes and tests right from the program.

Teacher in Math with Mr. D

One of the major benefits of Mr. D Math is the fact that it is easy to use and has many different time slots. Classes run from nine to five every day. The teacher is accompanied by staff, which may be called by one-letter names. Each staff member follows the teacher’s curriculum and teaching methodology. He also presents topics in a casual and relatable way. It’s not difficult to see why he’s so popular with children.